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Vegetable Tunnels

Self Sustaining Food Production

Due to the overwhelming need of providing food in our crèches countrywide, Judea Hope has developed a more sustainable model of producing food for our crèches. The crèche is taught produce food by themselves in the vegetable tunnel that is built on their crèche premises and children are engaged in this program as part of the ECD curriculum. Each class takes turns every day to work in the tunnel and to learn and have fun in creating and producing their own food. This is a more sustainable way of producing food and has an excellent added benefit that education in agriculture, at grass root level, is taking place simultaneously.


Pastor Ephraim Maboko of the Agape Revival Centre is in dire need of a vegetable tunnel. Pastor Maboko has prepared and fenced off a suitable area on his premises for the vegetable tunnel. A 5 m x 10 m tunnel will be used which will produce enough vegetables to feed at least 300 people over a period of 6 – 8 months from a single tunnel. Being a tunnel, it needs less water than a normal garden, and the vegetables are protected against the elements and pests, leaving a much higher harvest than an open garden. If you stimulate the growth of the plants by just harvesting one leaf off each plant every day, you will be able to harvest 250 leaves every day thus increasing the productive life of the plants to more than 7 months.

Click here to view a map of our Vegetable tunnel Locations

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