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Audio Solar Powered Training Device

Using Appropriate Technology to Spread the Word

The Judea Harvest Audio Solar Powered Training Device, is called a "God Pod" by our partners ICM in the USA. This small but powerful device is pre-loaded with the full audio Bible available is almost all languages. Further more the audio files of the Miini Bible College, a comprehensive Bible survey coarse as well as the audio files of the John Journey cause . This device is shared among at least ten leaders forming a study group, ideal for oral cultures and low literacy rural areas. Along with our partners ICM we plan to deploy 10 000 of these God Pods and already have a pledge of 6000 from ICM . We need 10 people to sponsor one device @ 35 $ each and help us train at least ten pastors in Mamelodi in Pretoria, South Africa.Dr Louis Blom, leads this group of pastors himself as part of his research work.

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