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DOING without knowing HOW

There are thousands of Pastors in Africa, who experience a calling from God to serve the church expansion and the Great Commission, but who have no means or access to be trained to become a Pastor. So they follow the Call of the Holy Spirit and plant churches and Pastor people. Trained or Untrained.


What are we to do ?


We have no Choice but to give them on the Job training. Judea Harvest has a lifelong study program thru a system of volunteer teachers that train Pastors thru a curriculum of audio recordings and audio visual videos, known as the major Bible Curriculum.


This fantastic locally developed curriculum is placed on Solar powered Teaching Towers and distributed free of charge or fees or data costs to each individual Pastors personal cellphone, tablet or computer.


Additionally we make the whole Bible in the local language,  as well as the Jesus film and several teaching about Christianity available to the population free of charge on their personal cellphone.


The whole WORD OF GOD available to the whole of the PEOPLE, the whole TIME, free of any cost. privacy and protection guaranteed.


You can help an hundreds of untrained Pastors to get an education by sponsoring a teaching Tower in Africa.

Click here to get a live view of where our towers are deployed, how much they are being used and what communities are using them for. 

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