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ECD Training

Early Childhood Education

During the critical developmental phase of ages 2-6, the brains of children require adequate stimulation to lay the groundwork to become healthy, capable, and successful adults. OUR MISSION is to improve the holistic development of underprivileged children in the poor communities of South Africa through stimulating, quality preschool education. During the most critical developmental phase of life, South Africa’s children sit stagnant. Thousands sit in cramped rooms without the basics of books, crayons, and paper. They are more likely to fail, drop out, and much less likely to ever graduate high school. With the foundation of a good preschool education, the prognosis for these children is transformed. Judea Hope has developed a program that is cost effective, practical and easy and fun to learn, as most of our teachers have little to no educational qualifications.


Judea Hope is equipping students and caregivers with our new and innovative Early Childhood Development training called Elevate ECD. This educational program includes: Whole brain learning, Sensory development, Motor development, Health and Nutrition, Cognitive development, Emotional development, Social development, Language development, Discipline, Life skills, etc. Its aim is both to enable and to motivate the teacher / ECD practitioner so they will not only be well prepared but also deeply inspired for the work they do.


Judea Hope’s goal is to assist the teachers to effectively apply their newly gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their daily class activities and ensuring that thousands of children can learn, eat, play and develop. Judea Hope has developed a world class play and learn system to be implemented in these ECD centres. Our slogan is elevate nutrition, elevate training and elevate children’s development. To date we have trained 950 students and caregivers. Judea Hope is very excited about this new training project and anticipates it to make a massive impact in lives and work of many ECD caregivers in South Africa and beyond.

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