Our Progress on the road to 1 Million Meals

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500,000 Meals



1,000,000 Meals


As our entire world is bearing the immeasurable weight of this pandemic, nobody has been hit harder than those living in poverty. Due to South Africa’s intense COVID-19 lockdown, millions of families who were already struggling before the pandemic are now facing the increased pressures of unemployment and intensified food insecurity as they are unable to provide for their families. Even when the lockdown ends, many families will struggle to financially recover as they return to their $1.10-an-hour job or even face the possibility of no job at all.

As of April 20th, we re-opened our operations to provide meals to food-insecure communities who have been devastated by the impact of COVID-19. Our hope is to provide a total of one million meals by the end of August, and while we realize that may be a big dream, we also know it is a reality our God is fully capable of fulfilling. 

As we put together our meals, we make sure to take advice from our nutritional consultant, Dr. Anton Janse Van Rensburg. Each meal we distribute consists of a dehydrated rice, a split pea and lentil mix, barley and a legume-based meal with an added vitamin and mineral supplement. Please consider donating as just $1 provides 5 meals to a family. 

We realize that this crisis is bigger than any one of us. But together, we can begin to plant the seeds for a better story. Now more than ever, the power of unity, hope, and compassion is needed all across the globe as we “stand in the gap” for our communities in need and let them know that they have not been forgotten.